Getting to know: Naomi

October 7, 2017


‘The juggler’

Name: Naomi.. yeah I’m the only one without a fancy apostrophe in my name

Bad habits: I always snooze and loose. I’ve also convinced myself that when I wake up, I can’t just get up. I have to wait a bit and let reality set in. I also do the same time wasting activity after a shower.

Mum of: 1 grown man named Joshua age 5 lol

Funniest thing your l/o has said: He asked me if he will get boobies like me when he grows older!

Weakness: Food to be honest, anything pastry-ish, busaba-ish, haribo-ish

Strength: So cliche but even though I lack in anything upper bod related- I think I’m actually quite physically strong.

Something that makes you laugh: Other people laughing

Something you usually say: Hellooo? // Its mad! // Mate!

One thing being a mother has taught you: To be more conscious of the things I say, do and the type of mum I want to be because my everyday attitude and actions directly affect my son.

What do you dip your chips into?: Depends on the chips- Burger King and Mc D’s can be eaten naked.. home chips require some ketchup.

Favourite day of the week: Thursday because Friday is like 2 seconds away.

First thing people notice about you: How yellow I am even though I don’t really see it.

Pregnancy cravings: Anything with texture- preferably KFC krushem, crushed ice, and pebble dashing..yeah stones.

Favourite pass time: Watching ratchet tv! & writing

One thing you miss in your childhood: Not paying a single bill or rent, playing on the swings, not having to cook all the time…not having to shave.

What do you do to relax: Vent & have a bubble bath!! (duhhhhhh)


My name is Naomi I’m 25 and mother of a 5 year old man Joshua. I’m currently working, studying for my masters and working on a project close to my heart all whilst ‘mummy-ing’. I guess you would say I’m the ‘founder’ of Mummy Undiluted, as I originally created this platform in 2016 with the vision that mums would come together, share realities with cups of tea and understand that there is really nothing new under the sun– no matter how dire the situation.

Urm..that didn’t happen lol.

Instead- I found myself overwhelmed by distractingly ambitious ‘future plans’ that would rid me of my basic 9-5 steering me further away from the blog itself. The more I proclaimed the word ‘undiluted’ the more I found myself more weakened by the things life brought my way. Those were testing times and I’m so thankful for growth- but I’ll save that for another blog post.

I’m excited to be back as I love writing and I have so much to share! Writing helps me break down ‘what is wrong’ and helps me remember ‘what goes right.’

Warning!! I like a lengthy post- none of those 3 tips and 5 tips stuff here- I’m a story teller.

Love Naomi Undiluted xx


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