Getting to know: Ni’Ni

October 12, 2017


‘Family focused’

Name: Naomi / Ni’ni

Status: In a relationship <3

Bad habits: Too much of a sweet tooth!

Mum of: 1 cheeky boy- Kenzo

Funniest thing your l/o has said: “Bye babe” as I left for work

Strength – As much as I’m family orientated, I’m very self sufficient when I want to achieve something and don’t wait for anyone’s approval

Something that makes you laugh: Is this a trick question? Most things. I love a laugh- so it doesn’t take much lol –(see)

Something you usually say: Omdzzzz / No wayyy

One thing being a mother has taught you: Simple- Perseverance.

What do you dip your chips into?: Ketchup and Mayo- mixed, never separate

Favourite day of the week– Thursday

First thing people notice about you– Eyessssss

Pregnancy cravings: Anything spicyyyyyy

One thing you miss in your childhood – Generally how care free I could be.

What do you do to relax – Watch a movie or catchup tv with other half


Soooo, I’m Naomi aka Ni-Ni, 25 year old mother of 1 – Kenzo (he’s 2 in November) & I can’t actually believe I’m doing this blog thing..

I don’t really know what to expect, but then again do you ever know what to expect when you’re starting something new? I’m hoping that my posts will give you an insight into my life as I try to be as open, pure and real as possible I’ll try to be as open, pure and real as I can

As everyone does I have many weaknesses my main one being I trust people far too easily!! However.. I also like to see my trusting nature in a positive way because I never want to be that person with all those ‘trust issues’ not allowing myself to let go. I’m still here in this big old world trying to figure out life, even more so now that I have my one year old teenager. I worry everyday for him, because having a son, in this world is not easy and isn’t made easy- but I try.

I try everyday to be the best version of myself so he sees as knows this as a standard in his life.

Ni’ni Undiluted xx


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