Goodbye retail world

February 10, 2018
I love my job.
That’s what I said whenever I was asked.
It was what I honestly believed.
The people are so nice, so funny- I can actually have decent conversations with them and not have to pretend like I’m interested. It was an easy yet interesting work relationship.
They accepted me and I accepted them, I allowed them to get to truly know me and about my life. I look forward to seeing them when I’m in, always checking the rota so see who’s on a late with me so I’ll know who I’ll be walking to the car park with. LOL
Yet, with all this bliss, I was very much annoyed that I was getting home past 23:00 some days. Late nights come with the retail territory, but with a young child and being a young woman myself I so very much hate hate hate leaving home late to arrive in the early hours of the morning to an inactive household.
I hated this but I loved my job I would still say.
Some days I really felt the urge to leave but I couldn’t just quit and not have anything lined up. I have a family to look after. I could no longer be selfish in my decision making but, there seemed like there was no way out sometimes. It was.. hard. But I had promised myself that by the end of 2017 I would have a new job that suited myself and my family’s needs.
So I seriously started applying.
After 3 years of working in retail, I found I had finally cracked the art of just letting myself shine in an interview. No more sweaty palms, no more chasing companies down to get back to me about the outcome.
So as the year was drawing to an end, November 2017 I got a phonecall..
“Naomi I don’t know what you said in there but they fell in love with you!”
You know when you REALLY want to just scream out loud but cry too because you don’t know if your being pranked! How can I have left the interview 45 minutes ago and I was already being called? Was I that good? Did I actually have potential to be in a better position than I was currently sitting in? Did I actually just make myself proud? All these questions.
“Hey, I’m here sorry. Really? Omdz thank you so much !!”
“Can you start on Monday?”
These times it was Wednesday and my notice period was 4 weeks.
Then along came guilt- although I had this amazing opportunity I still felt bad for wanting to leave because – ‘I love my job’. I really realised it wasn’t the job I actually liked…
It was the people– sometimes it’s hard to differentiate.
I had grown attached and comfortable with my surroundings- I somehow subconsciously cared more about the small comfort I was receiving working in a familiar environment with lovely people, than what I needed to do for myself and my family in order to grow. Fast forward 2 weeks later and I was actually leaving my retail job. My place of employment for 3 years. My comfort zone, so many faces that I would miss but could easily see again soon.
Did I waste too much time there? Could I have been on my way to fulfilling my master number duties?
Oh well.
I can’t go back in time now. Whether I did or didn’t, I’m ceasing the moment and enjoying my new job in events! I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and I’m so proud of myself!!!
Who knows what the future will hold for me..
Take a step out and surprise yourself.
Ni’ni Undiluted

2 responses to “Goodbye retail world”

  1. Bola Sol says:

    Congratulations on making moves babe xxx

  2. Katie says:

    It is scary to leave your comfort zone for the unknown. But you made that decision based on good reasons: a better life with better opportunities and that is good enough to say bye to Mr Comfort lol. Well done and hope this new job surpasses tour expectations!

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